Deborah Bowen

Deborah Bowen
Deborah Bowen has lived roughly half of her life in the U.K. and half in Ontario. The comparisons are constantly with her, not least as, now living in Hamilton ON, she thinks and writes about the relationships between literature and ecology. She is presently working on an anthology project called Poetry in Place which draws together forty writers in her immediate geographical area who are drawn to pay attention to the natural world around them. She is a "professor emerita" of English at Redeemer University, where she still teaches a couple of courses a year.

Recent Essays

Hunting, Hearing Loss, and Environmental Ethics: A Review of A Catechism of Nature

Brown stresses the need to pay attention to “what God has said, and nature is his most primordial and exoteric word”; after all, within this word, human nature is situated too. But “[l]ess and less in our time and place do we hear the most primordial of God’s words—the song, one might say, of creation’s fundamental realities”; “[w]e have lost the ability to speak and understand the language of creation.” Where might we look for a remedy to this hearing loss?