Doug Stowe

Doug Stowe
Doug Stowe began his career as a woodworker in 1976, making custom furniture and small boxes. He lives on a wooded hillside at the edge of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and specializes in the use of Arkansas hard- woods. He is the author of fifteen books and over 100 articles on woodworking and education. In 2001, Stowe began a woodworking program at the Clear Spring School, designed to integrate woodworking activities to stimulate and reinforce academic curriculum, restoring the rationale for the use of crafts in general education and demonstrating its effectiveness. In 2009 he was named an “Arkansas Living Treasure” by the Arkansas Department of Heritage and Arkansas Arts Council for his contributions to traditional crafts and craft education. Stowe currently teaches at the Eureka Springs School of the Arts and at woodworking clubs throughout the United States. Stowe’s website is, and his blog is at

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