David Welch

David Welch
David Welch is a native of Texas and a graduate of Baylor University's Great Texts program. He also has an M.A. in Medieval Studies from the University of Toronto and an M.T.S. from the University of Notre Dame. David is married to Kirsten, a fellow Baylor graduate, and he currently works for the National Association of Scholars, a think tank with a focus on higher education. Before joining NAS, he taught history and Latin at Great Hearts Academies.

Recent Essays

With Students At Home, Let’s Make America Local Again

Perhaps we ought to hope that things won’t quite go back to what’s normal: rootless young folk siphoned away by elite universities and groomed to lead the managerial bureaucracies and mass popular culture that dominate our national life. The students who remain in their hometowns have the potential to restore declining local institutions and community associations.