Ed Hagenstein

Ed Hagenstein
Ed Hagenstein, of Medanales, New Mexico, is the author of The Language of Liberty: A Citizen’s Vocabulary (Rootstock, 2020), available now from Amazon, Alibris, and other providers. He also co-edited American Georgics: Writings on Farming, Culture, and the Land (Yale University Press, 2011).

Recent Essays

I Sing of Shoes and the Man

But the dark events of that afternoon have remained with me and have prompted a question that I have often wrestled with, fruitfully, I think, but never to a clear decision: Lacking a proper foundation in kickball, what sort of culture, if any at all, could flourish in a Newton, Massachusetts?

Water and Wood: An Artistic Parable

Ed Hagenstein reflects on Makoto Fujimura's metaphor for cultural engagement and suggests that cultural renewal starts with the essential resources all around us.

Max Picard’s Silence

Perhaps, without silence for a reference point—something out there that reminds us of our place in the big order of things—the masters of information feel free to shade, obscure, or otherwise manipulate their messages.