Garth Brown

Garth Brown raises cows, pigs, and sheep on Cairncrest Farm in central New York. He is interested in figuring out a good way to write from a perspective rooted in his farm, breeding pigs with high levels of intramuscular fat, the essays of E.B. White, how to balance the demands of an agricultural ecosystem with those of the market, and how to use modern technologies without having them become a time stealing, soul destroying drain on his life. He is lovingly tolerated by his wife, daughter, and son, and adored by his disgustingly energetic dog.

Recent Essays

Please Eat Cows

Animal agriculture, we hear over and over, is horrific for the environment and horrific for the livestock involved. Yet most of us can’t or won’t change our ways. There may be a general sense that beef is horrible, but there is a literal sense that steak is delicious.

The Irreducible Reality of Pork Belly

When cut into chunks, tossed with salt and some brown sugar, and then roasted all afternoon in a very low oven, perhaps with a bit of sauce for the last bit, pork belly becomes a gateway to the real.

On Pigeons

Two autumns ago you couldn’t take a dozen steps without tripping over the decapitated corpse of a pigeon. There’d be one lying on the...

Cheese Should Be Dangerous

The cheese crafted here came about as a byproduct of a larger whole, the natural dividend of a complete way of life, and this is the foundation of the best farming.