Gillis Harp

Gillis Harp
Gillis Harp received his PhD in American history at the University of Virginia in 1986 and has served as Professor of History at Grove City College since 1999. He is the author, most recently, of Protestants and American Conservatism: A Short History (Oxford University Press, 2019). He and his wife are the parents of three grown daughters and one extraordinary granddaughter.

Recent Essays

A Christian Critique and the Neoliberal Future: A Review of Naming Neoliberalism

Clapp’s ambitious study attempts a great deal within a comparatively brief compass. Unfortunately, some topics suffer as a result...How can one best understand the tension between individual moral responsibility (rooted in Protestantism) and an individual liberty which rejects external constraints?

Chronicling Conservatism Rightly: A Review of The Right

Continetti’s rendition is distinctive in its focus on the tension and recurrent clashes between an increasingly radicalized populist grass roots and movement elites committed to a principled small government constitutionalism. Academic historians of the movement will be skeptical about the tidy simplicity of that portrait.

Peter Viereck: American Conservatism’s Road Not Traveled

Examining conservative dissenters such as Viereck can enrich our portrait of the conservative movement and shed light on its most recent Trumpian variant.