Henry George

Henry George
Henry George is a writer from the U.K., focusing on politics, political philosophy, and culture. He has also written for Quillette, Unherd, The Critic, Arc Digital and The University Bookman.

Recent Essays

Remembering Loss Together: A Review of The Meaning of Mourning

The need to reconcile with one’s finitude and live as good a life in light of this was made clear by many of the more successful essays and tallied with my own experience of coming to terms with the limits on my life from my condition, both in an everyday and an ultimate sense.

What Has Postliberalism to do with Jerusalem? A Review of A World After Liberalism

Henry George reviews A World After Liberalism, by Matthew Rose.

The Tyranny of Big Tech Demonstrates the Tyranny of Faulty Ideas on the Right

Hawley’s book goes some way towards providing a framework for using the threat of a legislative boot to stomp Big Tech back down to size. Whether the Right will listen is another thing altogether.