John de Graaf

John de Graaf
John de Graaf is a documentary filmmaker (Affluenza, and 40 others), the author of four books and dozens of articles, and a frequent speaker at colleges and conferences. He is the co-founder of Take Back Your Time, the Happiness Alliance and And Beauty for All. He has taught at The Evergreen State College, lives in Seattle and can be reached at

Recent Essays

Toward a Politics of Beauty

This talk was delivered earlier this year at a conference on wellbeing held at the Sorbonne.

A Conservative for Our Time

In a letter he wrote to his grandchildren, Udall challenged them to "Support all endeavors that promise a better life for the inhabitants of our planet. Cherish sunsets, wild creations and wild places. Have a love affair with the wonder and beauty of the earth.”

And Beauty for All

By seeking to protect and restore natural beauty, create lovely urban design, bring art into our communities and support local sustainable agriculture and healthy fish and wildlife populations, we can also build community and reduce polarization.

Rethinking the Good City: Vallejo’s Bold Vision

What Americans Want in Cities What makes a good city? I’ve been thinking a lot about this. What makes for a city people are happy...

The Promise of the Green New Deal

For all its current weaknesses, the GND is an effort to “solve for pattern” as Wendell Berry recommends.

Can Beauty Bring Us Together?

First, a confession: with the exception, at the age of 18, of a brief flirtation with Barry Goldwater’s presidential candidacy, my politics have leaned decidedly...