John Klar

John Klar is a former tax and litigation attorney who shifted to farming after becoming sickened with Lyme Disease. His writing is motivated by a desire to educate readers about the policies and economic pressures that increasingly control their lives, especially in agriculture. John lives in central Vermont with his wife Jackie. They raise sheep, beef cows, and border collies since their three children left the homesteading nest. John's upcoming book, Small Farm Republic, can be ordered at

Recent Essays

What’s the Beef with Cows?

Cows do not kill people; people kill people. Especially people who claim cows are the problem. Cows are key players in solving the problems created by industrial agriculture.

The Coming Cow Wars: Why Raising Cows is a Revolutionary Act

To nurture small-scale local agriculture is to oppose the Maoist, Stalinesque, Hitlerian, Huxlian, Schwabian, Gatesian push to monopolize global food production. My cows plod the Underground. And I plod along with them.