Seth Wieck

Seth Wieck
Seth Wieck grew up on a farm in Umbarger, Texas, in a region that receives less than twenty inches of rain per year. His father counseled him to leave agriculture, so he earned his BA in English and philosophy from West Texas A&M University. He now lives in Amarillo with his wife and three children, and teaches language arts at Boys Ranch High School. His stories, poetry, and essays can be found in Narrative Magazine, The Langdon Review of Arts in Texas, and The Broad River Review where he won the Ron Rash Award for Fiction.

Recent Essays

Larry McMurtry and Wendell Berry at the Dairy Queen

McMurtry couldn’t quite set the Bowie knife to the scalp of the Western like Cormac McCarthy did the same year, maybe because he knew those people weren’t grotesque caricatures; they were people he’d known and loved. And when he died last week, he was probably the last person in Archer City who had any connection to those people at all.