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An Artistic Ecosystem: A Review of Makoto Fujimura’s Culture Care

If truth, beauty, and goodness are truly and mystically related, beauty really is dangerous—but only to evil. Reading Culture Care, and contemplating Makoto Fujimura’s art, I can believe it.

What Makes Art Beautiful?

The failure to distinguish between art and beauty has caused much confusion. Art and beauty have two different but overlapping trajectories–one towards union and the other towards transcendent reality.

Picturing Home

Cultivate. Give order. Name. Attend. Reveal. Craft a parable. Homestead. Welcome. In Placemaking and the Arts: Cultivating the Christian Life (IVP Academic, 2018), Jennifer...

The Power of Place

Review of “The Power of Place: KU Alumni Artists” at the Spencer Museum of Art in Lawrence, KS. The exhibit runs through June 30,...

Fierce Velleity: Poetry as Antidote to Acedia

In “Lying,” the late Richard Wilbur diagnoses one of our age’s endemic ills with the paradoxical phrase “fierce velleity.” For those of us who...

The One World On Offer

Perhaps the tension will be useful when it comes time to make something of what is. Just be sure you make it in a place called home.

Poetry and the Common Language

This piece was originally posted at the University Bookman. Check out their site for other similar articles! --- If there is one principle which is nearly...

Norman Maclean and the Question of Craft

"Fear and pity are made out of grammar,” he writes, and in this most particular grammatical unit he finds the fabric of tragedy itself.

The Roots of Originality

It is only our own town or neighborhood that is specific enough, and someday knowable enough, to enable a capable writer's imagination to imagine it clear and whole.

Ecce Homo: The Fleeting Treasure of a Mortal Life Within the...

Washington, CT. Puckish ad infinitum, I take it as my heathenish duty during this special time of year to preach at the choir boys...