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The Light of Wisdom’s Face: Sophia in Exile by Michael Martin

The only thing that can save the world from a lost Christianity is a Cross-centered Christianity. Can Christians take the truths from both Life Is A Miracle and Sophia In Exile to not only reclaim our farms and our science, but to soften our hardened hearts towards the real, living transcendent presence of Christ?

Sonnets in Advent with Dunstan Thompson

Dunstan Thompson's poetic prayer reminds me how necessary Advent is and leaves me grateful for Christ’s work that makes his former foes members of his household.

Bridging the Gap Between Narrative and Reality: Guido Preparata

Modest and hopeful, but backed up by a lot of thought and research, Guido Preparata's work is at least a beginning. Surrounded by lies, it’s high-time we started telling another story.

Homecoming in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman

The Church provides a sacramental and moral framework as well as an ultimate sense of hope in The Irishman, and it is this sense of hope that is so desperately needed as we enter into the brave new world of the Biden-Harris era.

Before Ahmari and French, Wills and Bozell

This is awfully late but perhaps also timely (since the spat between Sohrab Ahmari and David French seems to have a long shelf life)....

In the Pilsen Snow

My wife and I were married at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, on the near west side of South Bend, Indiana.  I’ve written about her...

No, I’m Not Charlie Martel, Either

Some time ago a number of my Facebook friends, some who even claimed to be practicing Catholics, changed their profile pictures on Facebook...

Despair, Delight, and the Decentered Self

Berwyn, PA.  The Fine Delight Interview Series with Catholic authors, conducted by the author of the book of the same name, Nick Ripatrazone, has...

Freedom Is Not The Good

As vice-president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Louisville’s own Archbishop Kurtz has led the way in expressing Church disapproval of the...

Misanthropy or Hymenopteraphilia? E.O. Wilson is Ant(i)-Gracehoper

Devon, PA.  DePaul University in Chicago has many distinguished qualities.  Most striking among them would seem to be that it is nominally a Catholic university,...