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Not Even on the Radar

In a small attempt to connect political theory to actual power, last week I sent messages to some GOP members of the U.S. Senate...

Harassed by the IRS? Don’t be Surprised.

Hidden Springs Lane. Americans have recently learned that certain groups seeking non-profit status were subjected to, ahem, "heightened scrutiny" by the IRS.  It seems...

Libertarian Solutions to Communal Difficulties

Devon, PA. R.R. Reno writes on the First Things website this morning, I’m no libertarian. St. Paul was clear that government is ordained by God,...

When Bullets Fly

Peace on Earth is still our prayer.

The Tea Party and the TSA

The idea that the best way to reform government is to simply say "No!" is probably a bad idea...but for the TSA, I'll make an exception.


TARP has expired. Are we better off for it?

Austerity Measures Spark Riots in Europe

Shades of things to come?

Porch Banter

Michael Gerson's column this morning seems a likely candidate to spur some friendly discussion on the Porch.

The Games They Play

This year the House has come together to support national pollinator week, national dairy month, and national train day.

Does Kauffman count as good Good Friday reading?

Fr. Michael Orsi reviews Kauffman's Luther Martin, and finds wisdom therein.