James Matthew Wilson

Despair, Delight, and the Decentered Self

The Violent and the Fallen Front Cover April 8, 2014

Berwyn, PA.…  The Fine Delight Interview Series with Catholic authors, conducted by the author of the book of the same name, Nick Ripatrazone, has just posted its latest interview — with me, your humble author.  In it, I discuss

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Come and Hear, or Read, “The Violent and the Fallen”

February 7, 2014

My second collection of poems, The Violent and the Fallen, is now available on amazon.com, and directly from the publisher.
Those interested may also write directly to [email protected] to order one of only seven signed sets of my first three books, Four Verse Letters (2010), Timothy Steele:…

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In Praise of Mediocrity

200px-Viktor_Hartman January 20, 2014

Berwyn, PA.… Everyone knows G.K. Chesterton’s aphorism that, if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.  Dappled Things writer Karen Ullo has deepened our understanding of that truth in a new personal essay, where she reflects on the inevitably

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What You Need to Know about Dana Gioia

dana1 December 17, 2013

Dana Gioia has spent his career making metaphors: drawing disparate things together to reveal the breadth and depth of aesthetic experience, but doing so in a way that has frequently provoked avant-garde artists and their academic minions even as it…

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Of Vision and Discipline

December 10, 2013

After six years absence, I have just published a review essay in the great Contemporary Poetry Review, one of the first important internet critical journals.  The review is of two new books by the western poet (and skier) David J. Rothman. …

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Poems about God

November 1, 2013

I’m in the middle of writing a short essay on John Crowe Ransom’s first book, Poems about God (1919).  In his early poems even more obviously than in the later work that made him one of the most influential minor…

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The Joy of Being Edwin Arlington Robinson

Robinson October 24, 2013

Every semester, on the first day of the poetry courses I teach, I hold up Lilla Cabot Perry’s portrait of Edwin Arlington Robinson and tell the students an only slightly embellished anecdote. This first great American poet of the 20th…

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Craft First

The Violent and the Fallen Front Cover September 22, 2013

As part of my recent visit to Hillsdale College, where I read from my forthcoming book, The Violent and the Fallen, I gave a short interview to the campus paper, which has just been published.  At the end of the…

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Michiganders Take Note: A Reading at Hillsdale College

Washington Statue, Fall 2009 September 14, 2013

As The Hillsdale Collegian announces, I shall be giving a reading from my two chapbooks of poetry at Hillsdale College this coming week.  All persons of good will are welcome:
The event begins at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 17,…

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Rod Dreher Praises The Violent and the Fallen

The Violent and the Fallen Front Cover September 10, 2013

Last month, Rod Dreher discussed two of the poems from my forthcoming book, The Violent and the Fallen, on his blog at The American Conservative.  Dreher writes,
when I read these poems, I kept thinking, “Yes, that’s how it is!” They…

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What You Need to Know About Yvor Winters

yvor-winters-grab1 August 15, 2013

This is the first entry in FPR’s One Thousand Words series. Over the next few months, perhaps longer, several dozen contributors will tell us what we need to know about a wide variety of figures—some obscure, some not—in one thousand …

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The Violent and the Fallen

August 12, 2013

I am pleased to announce that The Violent and the Fallen, the second book of poems by James Matthew Wilson, is now available for advance sale.  You can order simply by clicking HERE.  Finishing Line Press, the publisher, will determine the…

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“Monogamish”: Marriage in the Age of Caucus Races

humpty-and-alice August 11, 2013

Berwyn, PA.… While the American President is appearing on late-night television to tell the world — and the Russians — that a permissive attitude toward homosexual behavior is a matter of “basic morality,” the courageous Ryan T. Anderson takes a

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What Would It Mean to Be a Catholic Writer?

July 18, 2013

Berwyn, PA.  Randy Boyagoda, my old neighbor from the Catholic ghetto that grew up around the Studebaker mansion in South Bend, writes about the dearth of Catholic writers and artists in our day, in the new First Things.  …He begins,

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Reading the Constitution in the Light of Russell Kirk

July 1, 2013

Berwyn, PA.…  Gerald Russello reflects on Russell Kirk’s theory of the unwritten Constitutionone in a new essay published on the Liberty Fund’s Liberty Forum.  His essay is part of a symposium that includes essays by Bradley Birzer, Gary Gregg,

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On a Sculpture by Herbert Adams

Adams A Portrait of a Young Lady June 20, 2013

For Adams and his peers the trade of art must have itself seemed an imported thing: threatening, rarified, and set apart like thorned peaks of the Swiss Alps rupturing above the folded skin of clouds.

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