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After Trump #1: Getting Urbanists and Localists Together

So at the beginning of the month, when I finally got my election reflections out of my system, I concluded by re-iterating what I...

Bernie Sanders: Front Porch Socialist?

This October, Front Porch Republic will host its annual conference in Geneseo, NY, just a short day's drive from Burlington, Vermont, the home current...

The Monday Morning Brass Spittoon: Roundtable on Immigration

Our panel discusses immigration policy from a localist perspective.

Telling the Truth about Immigration

Berwyn, PA.  Nobody wants to.  Most politicians would rather appeal to platitudes about America as a "nation of immigrants" than confront their responsibility to...

Firm Identities and Loose Borders

Hillsdale, Michigan. A drive back from New England to the upper mid-West on Tuesday gave me ample time to hear the journalistic accounts of...

Immigration, Loyalty, and Economy

Do we get an economy that serves the people? Or do we get the right people to serve the economy?

Multiculturalism & Its Discontents

How can there be a social contract when the contract's parties disagree sharply regarding its meaning?

Citizenship, Localism, and Catholicism

Devon, PA. For months now, I have been sitting on an incomplete draft of a series of essays on "Localism and the Universal Church,"...

SB 1070 and the Limits of Decentralism

Phoenix, AZ. In the days leading up to this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game, which will be held in Phoenix on July 12, there...

Reconquista and the Gospel

Those who believe themselves above primitive nativist loyalty should take care, lest they be discovered worse than infidels for falling short of it.