I will be in New York City on October 6-7.  For details, see here.  If anyone is in the area and wants to attend events or plan an FPR event of your own, let me know.


  1. Any chance your night on the 7th is open? There’s a small but mighty contingent of Yale FPR followers that would love to talk to you, whether in New York or New Haven if you could make it up on the train. There’d be dinner in it for you.

    Shoot me an e-mail at matthew dot gerken at yale dot edu if you are interested.

  2. A Certain lunatic from the Litchfield Hills might be pried out of their secure redoubt to come down and bat you around over a Pepes Pizza as well. Either that or one might try a conclave at the smoking lounge of Nat Shermans if you only have time for Gotham.

    Make sure to wipe the podium down after Pipes speaks though, I read somewhere that them neo-con germs is as thick as bed bugs on him. Not that this is an entirely bad thing, its jest vexatious.

  3. Some FPR readers from Fordham would be interested in coming down from the Bronx, especially if the location is the Nat Sherman smoking room.

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