Prolific author and social critic Os Guinness discusses the current challenges for liberty and his hopes for the future. The Chinese-born, English-educated, Irish-rooted scholar who lives in America also shares insights from his time at L’Abri and talks some Arsenal football.

Os Guinness


2:00 “Home” to Os Guinness

3:30 Beer in his blood

5:15 Under his own vine and fig

7:45 Hospitality lessons from Edith Schaeffer

10:45 The 1960s, Jefferson Airplane and the long march

12:30 The Call, place, and the Jesus Go-Fest

16:00 Soccer Super League

17:15 A quiet voice?

18:45 Civility and respect for words

19:30 Books over tweets

22:00 An intellectual knee on the neck of America

24:00 Freedoms, negative and positive

25:30 The pandemic and liberty

27:00 Respecting others in a free society

28:30 A Magna Carta from Mount Sinai

31:00 Civic education and the value of transmission

32:00 1776 v. 1789

34:00 Approaches to justice and Black Lives Matter

36:45 A post-rights world?

38:00 (Chief Justice) Burger for lunch

39:30 7 year-old revolutionary refugees of the world unite

42:00 Hope in the face of stark realism


The Magna Carta for Humanity


The Williamsburg Charter

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