Andrew Figueiredo

Andrew Figueiredo
Andrew Figueiredo is a law student at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. A first-generation Portuguese-American, he grew up in Kansas and graduated from McGill University in 2019. Andrew's interests include political history, populist movements, distributism, and Catholic Social Teaching. His writing can be found at The McGill International Review, Alternet, New Conservatives, The American Commons, and on his personal Medium blog.

Recent Essays

An Exception that Proves the Rule: NFTs Don’t Serve the Great Economy

Chris Hytha is a laudable example of somebody civilizing our approach to digital assets, and I fully support him. I’m glad to see fellow Philly Porchers Anthony Hennen and Nick Russo elevate Hytha’s work, but I don’t see any way to align the Wild West NFT economy with Wendell Berry’s “Great Economy.”

The Irony of a Wendell Berry NFT

While some are admittedly pleasing, NFTs will not be the great decentralizing force many of us long for. Instead, their rapid profusion creates speculative bubbles and too often rewards unvirtuous swindlers while harming the environment.

Vanishing Little Languages

Andrew Figueiredo describes his family connection to Minderico, a language belonging to the Portuguese town of Minde. Localists must join the fight to save endangered languages, if only because they present us with a way to practice stewardship, rebel against the abstractions of technique and global commerce, and save our world’s cultural heritage.