Andrew J. Spencer

Andrew J. Spencer lives in Monroe, MI with his family. He teaches ethics adjunctively at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Spurgeon College. He grew up in rural Western New York. Spencer earned a B. S. in English from the United States Naval Academy and an M.Div. and Ph.D. in Christian Ethics from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has operated nuclear reactors, taught others to do the same, run an assessment program at a university, and dreams of through-hiking the Appalachian Trail. He has recently edited a volume of essays, The Christian Mind of C. S. Lewis: Essays in Honor of Michael Travers.

Recent Essays

Finding Common Ground on Climate: A Review of Saving Us

In the balance, Hayhoe’s book makes a positive contribution to the climate conversation. The book encourages dialogue rather than hectoring. In that sense, though the targeted topic is climate change, Hayhoe’s advice is good for any sort of persuasive argument.

Christian Ecological Virtues

There is much to admire in Bouma-Prediger’s approach to environmental ethics. If practiced within the context of a robust Christianity, the virtues he recommends would certainly help readers become better stewards of the earth.