Grayson P. Walker

Grayson P. Walker
Grayson P. Walker (MA, Knox Theological Seminary; JD, University of Oklahoma College of Law) is Counselor to the Oklahoma Secretary of State. Grayson previously served as Deputy General Counsel to Oklahoma Governor J. Kevin Stitt and clerked at the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals. Before law school, Grayson worked as a middle-school teacher, campus minister, and research assistant in the Texas House of Representatives. He belongs to King’s Cross Church (PCA) in Oklahoma City.

Recent Essays

Rooted Lives or Activist Lifestyles?

In a world in which there are so many problems to solve, solitude plays an important role in helping us remember that life consists of more than finding and righting wrongs. Time spent resting and recharging has moral value too.

Federalism Frees Us to Flourish

Although it may seem counterintuitive, freedom is actually enhanced, not curtailed, when states have the right to experiment, subject to important federal constitutional limitations, with social and economic polices till they do right by their citizens.

Harrowing Times Call for Ordinary Measures

Ordinary practices may not seem to warrant the kind of energy and attention we devote to global and international affairs, especially given the present calamity. But they most certainly do. After all, even the biggest tasks—including the call to partner with God to rule, bless, and love the world—are accomplished one step at a time.

It’s a Federalist’s World, After All

Amidst the ongoing chaos and conflict over the 2020 presidential election, and vote tabulating methodologies in particular, let’s remember—and celebrate—that so far it is really only federalism that has won the day.