Richard Rankin Russell

Richard Rankin Russell
Richard Rankin Russell, a native of West Tennessee, teaches English and Irish literature at Baylor University in Waco, Texas where he is Graduate Program Director in English and Professor of English. He has published five monographs and edited three collections on writers from Ireland and Northern Ireland, and he has just finished writing a book manuscript on James Joyce and hospitality.

Recent Essays

Hunting and the Body of Christ

As we come to the supper table to feast upon pheasant breast or the backstrap of a whitetail deer, we gain an inkling of that invitation to the true Table of Hospitality, where the Lord looks upon us lovingly despite our attack upon him.

Pigs and Hollies and Swamps, Oh My!: Corrymeela Ranch, Limestone County, Texas

Corrymeela is a dreamscape, a landscape that I marvel at every time I go out there. If conservation consists of loving something—a tract of land, a garden, a wood—then my hope is to love this land even more intensely into its full God-created glory.