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Abbeville Institute Summer School: “Understanding the South and the Southern Tradition.”

Many FPR readers may be interested in attending the Abbeville Institute's Eleventh Annual Summer School: "Understanding the South and the Southern Tradition." It will be...

Opportunity in the Ruins

Hidden Springs Lane. The dust has hardly settled over the Great Campaign of 2012 and already the same people are arguing about The Fiscal...

Memory and the Damming State

The family’s life in this village had come to an end when the lake was dammed in 1958. One wonders who would consider such things worth it.

Culture War No More

In recent decades we have heard much of the so-called “culture wars.” For many, the idiom of war has come to dominate their thinking...

Ciceronian Society Conference at UVA, March 29-31

FPR readers are invited to attend the coming Ciceronian Society Conference at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, March 29-31. All attendance to observe...

Global Warming, Local Farming, and Naomi Klein: A Trip to the...

Wichita, KS A couple of weeks ago some fine intellectuals, political figures, journalists, and activists associated with this blog gathered together to talk about localism,...

Why I am a Member of the Permanent Opposition

Long live the King, somewhere damned else.

Swimming with Sharks

Today many Americans seem smitten with the notion that Washington holds the answer to the many dangers circling in the water.

Perils of the Stationary State

When economic growth finally levels off, what kind of world comes after? Shall we be unchained from the mad rush for money of the last century? Or will other but equally chafing chains weigh us down instead?

Disaster and Power

Natural disasters and security threats seem to beg for a response that is massive, coordinated, and centralized. If so, how can the consolidation of state power be tempered and the principles of localism advanced?