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The Worst?

2020 has certainly had real trials and tribulations, but our approach to it is also reflective of a culture in which everything disliked has long been “the worst.”

Ministry in a Place of Poverty

There is nothing morally wrong with being poor, and the stigmatization that affects the poor probably only adds more to their burden.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers, and the Ground on Which Communities Are...

The final sentence in Behind the Beautiful Forevers--Katherine Boo's wonderfully written, devastatingly detailed narrative of several fascinating, despairing stories that took place over the...

Everything I Ever Learned About Civility I Learned in a Small...

For instruction in civilization, nothing beats a small town.

Caritas in the Veritable Welfare State

We need not rely with some desperation on the Hope that is a gift, if we can gin up optimism of our own sort.

Hospitality and the Hopis: Piki

Cincinnati, OH. My oldest son manages a pool for the city recreation department while he’s home from college.  It’s a summer job that should...