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Agriculture vs. Agribusiness

A visit to a CAFO makes it clear that to have sustainable agriculture, you have to make sustainable the lives and livelihoods of the people who do the work.

Against Cremation

One way to celebrate a culture of life is to cultivate our bodies in death.

The Gift of Good Work

What if every day was given to rest, eating, and relaxation?

Wendell Berry and the Great Economy

Economics has become a totalizing system claiming the power to explain all things. It is as much a religious system—by another name—as is Berry's Great Economy.

Independence Day Eve

Whenever I hear someone claim that “our enemies hate us for our freedom,” I think first of the USS Vincennes and July 3rd, 1988. Twenty-two years ago today, Vincennes was as sophisticated as warships came and by far the most powerful surface vessel on Persian Gulf patrol.

More On Berry vs. UKY

Wendell Berry explains his break with the University of Kentucky.

Contracepting Cultural Memory

R.J. Snell writes, "Contraception is already so normalized in our society that its use is presumed for both married and unmarried alike; in fact, so normalized is contraception that its use is thought not only responsible but even obligatory."

Thoughts on Teaching Wendell Berry

Teaching Wendell Berry to students today isn't a thankless task, but the victories are small and far between (which, one might say, is all the best victories always are).

Tom Coburn Vilified

Coburn calls Nancy Pelosi a "nice lady" and earns the ire of conservatives.

The Homeless Modern

The disposition that characterizes the modern mind--a disposition that favors as its ideal a skeptical “view from nowhere,”--serves to undermine the very elements that make community possible.