Austin Jepsky

Austin Jepsky
Austin Jepsky is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with degrees in environmental science and sustainable engineering. He works on issues related to conservation and sustainability. His work has been published in Allegheny West Magazine and Dark Mountain. He was born in Washington State and currently resides outside of Pittsburgh.

Recent Essays

500 Acres and a Castle

By acquiring sufficient acreage, typically a minimum of 500 acres, ideas can be given the isolation they need to have a chance at succeeding, unmolested by the outside forces of the world. Coupled with the beauty of the land and the built environment, the “castle,” a true local culture and community can arise.

Columbiana: In Want of Cram

Neither Columbiana nor Sewickley perfectly realize the role of Cram’s ideal walled town, but Sewickley comes much closer. While not perfect, it offers a real-world example of an economically vibrant, urban community.