Casie Dodd

Casie Dodd
Casie Dodd lives in Arkansas with her husband and two children. Recent work has appeared in Oxford American, The Windhover, and Arkansas Review. She is the Founder and Publisher of Belle Point Press, a regional small press celebrating the literary culture and community of the American Mid-South.

Recent Essays

Ripples of Grace in Works of Mercy

Thomas’s novel suggests that those who would answer these difficult vocations well must learn to look through the pain and see the light shining through.

The This-ness of This Place: Introducing Belle Point Press and Mid/South Anthology

Raised in Eastern Oklahoma with roots older than living memory in the Natural State, we look forward to supporting new authors while connecting readers with the long thread of our region’s creative culture. Our mission is to celebrate the literary culture of the American Mid-South: all its paradoxes and contradictions, all the ways it gets us home.

Motherhood as Sacrament: A Review of Maya Sinha’s The City Mother

Sinha’s writing should appeal to multiple audiences, from those disillusioned with modern urbanity to young mothers to thoughtful people concerned with the persistent presence of evil in our times. The City Mother has that rare quality of providing an immersive narrative experience that also transcends its particularities to link them to universal questions of how we can find our way in the world.

Sonnets in Advent with Dunstan Thompson

Dunstan Thompson's poetic prayer reminds me how necessary Advent is and leaves me grateful for Christ’s work that makes his former foes members of his household.