Dan Rattelle

Dan Rattelle is an MFA student at the University of St Andrews. His poems and reviews have recently been published or are forthcoming in Modern Age, FORMA, Alabama Literary Review, and First Things. He lives in Massachusetts.

Recent Essays

“Seventy Years Ago”: A Review of Red Stilts by Ted Kooser

Ordinary and unrefined, Kooser's poems suggest the steady hand of a craftsman who doesn’t need to go looking for the next big thing.

Exile as Resettlement: A Review of The Best Poems of Jane Kenyon

Jane Kenyon was foremost a poet of place. Not of the State of New Hampshire, though she was its Poet Laureate, but of the much smaller and less abstract corner of it in and around Eagle Pond.

Work and Prayer: The Brief Friendship of Thomas Merton and Wendell Berry

Berry wrote in one of his letters to Merton that “you are one of the few whose awareness of what I’m doing here would be of value to me.” He is acknowledging that he and Merton lead lives of similar mission, lives shaped by work and silence.