Mary Berry Smith

Mary Berry Smith
Mary Berry is a Henry County Kentucky native who now lives on a farm in next-door Trimble County with her husband, Steve Smith. As a farmer she worked in conventional dairy and raised tobacco, then moved into rotationally grazed organic beef, organic vegetables, pastured poultry, and helped run the Smith-Berry Vineyard and Winery.  She is now executive director of The Berry Center in New Castle, Kentucky, an organization founded to buttress family farmers through educational programs, improved access to credit and financing, and policy changes.   She is the mother of three, and grandmother to one.

Recent Essays

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A visit to a CAFO makes it clear that to have sustainable agriculture, you have to make sustainable the lives and livelihoods of the people who do the work.

Community & Language

Their language is hopeful and would be recognizable to any tobacco farmer of the last hundred years. But now they are talking about food.


We are here, in part, because choices made in big places have worked against rural places and rural people.