Rebekah Curtis

Rebekah Curtis
Rebekah Curtis is a church lady and at-home mom. She has written for a number of websites, magazines, and books, and is co-author of LadyLike (Concordia Publishing). She and her husband have eight children.

Recent Essays

Meat in Due Season

A freezer and pantry full of meat, a season without having to buy any beef: for this a deer died.

A Word With Worden’s First Lady

You just do it, and you do it because you know your place is a wonderful place and you want to keep it the way it is. It’s not because you want so-and-so to be like, “Oh, there’s pastor’s wife picking up Wordi Gras trash.” It becomes second nature after a while. It needs to be, I saw it, so now it’s my job.

Mama Gets a Bugle

It is a mark of the middle class to maintain a low-grade prowl on eBay or Craigslist for some odd thing. My prowl was...