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The Latest and Greatest: Just Another Brick in the Wall

Computers are not The Answer to creating better students.

Allan Bloom and Homogenizing Nature

What is the purpose of education?

Nicholas Carr’s Shallows, and the Death of the Book

I just completed Nicholas Carr's excellent book, The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains, and--because that's the sort of person I...

Distracted Achievement Gap

The problem is that public schools inherit children who are "overentertained and distracted."

Talk To Me, Barack

Obama is suffering because whether or not it is true, he seems not to understand what is going on around the country. Whether or not it is true, he seems uninterested in making his proposals understood. As a result, he seems distant – the kind of guy who doesn’t really get you as a person – and the first thing that he must use to bridge that seeming distance is speech.

Education as Moral Formation: A Localist Proposal

Holland, MI. I heard many fine presentations at Notre Dame’s Center for the Study of Ethics and Culture from November 12-14, and one in...

The Stories We Tell…

Philadelphia, PA. If you have read just one of Wendell Berry’s novels or short stories, then you have glimpsed this Kentucky farmer’s love for family,...

The Old College Try

Claremont, CA. The New York Times has joined a host of other publications asking the question: Is college worth it? And again, just like...

Eat like a human, feel like a human

Virginia schools are opting for local produce and ingredients over cellophane-packaged mystery meals. Are these elementary schools adopting a version of localism?

Advice For Up-And-Comers

Claremont, CA. I spoke last week at the New Jersey Governor’s School for Public Issues, a (mostly) state-funded summer program for civic-minded students about...