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Group Decisionmaking and Individual Responsibility

Part of the pushback against the notion that groups can make decisions comes from the fear that we already use groups to absolve ourselves...

The Dangers of Professional Philanthropy

Maybe you are the kind of donor who supports nonprofits in your community. Like many Americans, you give or tithe through your church or...

The Fall of the Wall

In my misspent youth, I was a politician. And in my role as a politician, I did all the things that politicians do. Well,...

Playing the Long Game: A Review of Abraham Lincoln’s Statesmanship

The Lincoln that Schaff puts forth cultivated liberal democracy by placing limits and crafting public consensus. In order to see Lincoln in a new light, Schaff applies Aristotle’s ideas of moderation and prudence as his lens. It is not simply that Lincoln knew the good, but, as a good steward of liberal democracy, he embodied the good.

Gettysburg at 150: Some Essays

Holland, MI My wife will be the first to point out that I’m not much of one for marking anniversaries, but it seems - to...

Aristotle and Aquinas, Bank Regulators

But if there is one thing that both Democrats and Republicans agreed about in the 90's, it was that these “monstrosities” didn't need to be regulated.

My Little Ole Ballot Box

Making the case for nuclear power. Since everyone else is.

Monarchy and Regalism

A thing without proper limits becomes its own opposite, and benevolence quickly becomes a tyranny which threatens both civil and religious order.

Common Good Politics: A Review of Nader’s Book

In his new book, Ralph Nader argues that the Left and the Right should unite against the economic and political establishment in the Center.

Considering the Alternatives: The Editors on the Election

If Americans don’t vote in record numbers in this year’s election it won’t be because they haven’t been reminded. Bob Schieffer concluded the third...