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Footsteps on a Generational Housetop

It may be that only in coming face to face with a world where gifts are truly needed can children discover the Earth as authored by something—or someone—greater than their parents can buy.

Waiting, Seeing, and Receiving

Advent is a reminder that God has not forgotten—that He is faithful to His promises, that we're not left to our own devices, that he hears and knows.

And To All A Good Night

Too soon the mistletoe will be a garland.

It’s a Wonderful Film

It wasn’t enough for George to stay in Bedford Falls and do the right thing; he needed to choose which values to embrace and which to reject.

A Christmas Tree You Don’t Know Beans About

The locust tree is a rare symbol of Christmas and Easter as one.

Making a Castle, This Time of Year

"At this time of the year--the Christmas and New Year time--I am seldom out of my Castle. For the associations of the season seem...

What Aristotle Says about Christmas

My piece at Ethika Politika: Aristotle's Key to Christmas

Auld Lame Side

This is what we all need now: a deep belly-laugh.

Where was God?

Hidden Springs, VA. In the days following the horrific events in Newtown, a theological debate has arisen, a debate that goes well beyond theoretical...

Dear Santa

You may think every five- to eight-year-old you know wanted an iPod this year. Not these kids.