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A Christmas Tree You Don’t Know Beans About

The locust tree is a rare symbol of Christmas and Easter as one.

Making a Castle, This Time of Year

"At this time of the year--the Christmas and New Year time--I am seldom out of my Castle. For the associations of the season seem...

What Aristotle Says about Christmas

My piece at Ethika Politika: Aristotle's Key to Christmas

Auld Lame Side

This is what we all need now: a deep belly-laugh.

Where was God?

Hidden Springs, VA. In the days following the horrific events in Newtown, a theological debate has arisen, a debate that goes well beyond theoretical...

Dear Santa

You may think every five- to eight-year-old you know wanted an iPod this year. Not these kids.

The Bar Jester’s Unpremeditated Verse

But as a profound poet trying to make a comfortable living I can’t really trouble myself about that fit audience though few. . . . Were I to start thinking about poetry in the social context, I’d be sliding down that slippery slope toward place, limits, and liberty. And then what? Localism? God help us!

Ecce Homo: The Fleeting Treasure of a Mortal Life Within the...

Washington, CT. Puckish ad infinitum, I take it as my heathenish duty during this special time of year to preach at the choir boys...

It’s the Family, Stupid

Hillsdale,MI. David the King ordered the beautiful Bathsheba to come to him because he could.    He also could have her husband killed, and sent...


Wichita, KS I write a Christmas post every year. I'm actually quite fond of this year's entry, with its reflections on ghosts and spirits and...