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On Being Less than We Are

What you miss out on by not making the climb is too great a loss on such a morning as this.

Nothing Incomplete, Nothing in Vain

“Now nature makes nothing incomplete, and nothing in vain…” Aristotle, Politics Sometimes we might wonder about Aristotle. Was he observing the same world we are? One...

Four Words to Change the World

Situate the preference where it is, not where it isn’t.

An Ancient Legacy of Form: Guardini on Mastery and Nearness

Our dwelling place is the state not of nature but of culture.

On Being a Worthy Heir of the Agrarian Contrarians

But, as Shakespeare wrote, we sometimes “by indirections find directions out.”

Contraception and Signs of Contradiction: Part I

Contraception as Apparent Moral Good.  Most persons who use contraception conceive of it as a moral good.  They see an unruly, pullulating nature directed...

The Founding Gardeners

I’ve just finished Andrea Wulf’s beguiling book entitled “ Founding Gardeners, The Revolutionary Generation, Nature and the Shaping of the American Nation”. Published this...

The One World On Offer

Perhaps the tension will be useful when it comes time to make something of what is. Just be sure you make it in a place called home.

The Sustainability Stampede

The diversity club ran its course, and has been replaced with "second-wave environmentalism," a.k.a. our culprit, sustainability.

Exploiting Antiquities

To him, the created world is merely “resources” and fodder for “job creation.”