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An Appeal to Millennials: Don’t Waste your Vote on the Lesser...

Supporting a third party is one way of advocating for long-term, structural change.

What Is Your Vote?

I’m not asking what candidate you support. What I am asking you to consider is what does your vote constitute? This question was spurred by...

The Polls of Nowhere

Nowhere, America Today, the subjects of the Assimilated Provinces of Megalomerica will go to the polls to vote. It's mostly a formality, since the polls...

The Monday Morning Brass Spittoon: Roundtable on the Elections

While most of our writers are self-described conservatives, FPR has been, for the most part, a non-partisan enterprise. This is in no small part...

The Real Educational Issue: College Students and a Crisis in Citizenship

The fact that the people who will likely occupy the top of the socio-economic chain—and whose decisions will thus set the terms of most Americans’ existences—have little room for the necessarily leveling notion of citizenship is our most significant and least discussed educational crisis.

Knowing One’s Place at the Ballot Box

The prevailing model of local voting has deep defects, which often work against strong communities. The modern standard is one person, one vote, one place. While this standard is simple, it leads to outcomes that run against common sense.