Andrew J. Harvey

Andrew J. Harvey

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Get Rich! Become a Farmer.

This “summer of Hell,” to borrow Peters’ phrase, has had me in too many hospital/doctor waiting rooms. But as I was recently counting up...

How Bonds Really Did It

With the Barry Bonds’s trial ending with a slap on the wrist for the lesser charge against him and a mistrial on the greater...

Baseball: Official Sport of the Front Porch Republic?

“Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball” –Jacques Barzun Grove City, PA. Opening Day, 2011 Dutifully following the links...

Glenn Beck Meets Front Porch Linguistics

– for instance, the supposed proper uses of “further” and “farther.” This pedantic type borders on the obsessive/compulsive and tends toward becoming 8th grade English teachers, librarians, or NFL assistant coaches.

Christian Burial

In the ancient world, Christianity put an end to cremation, and for a century it was kept in check by Christian tradition.

Against Cremation

One way to celebrate a culture of life is to cultivate our bodies in death.