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What Kind of Democracy Do Localists Want?

Last week the United States went through another one of our regular, mostly ritualized exercises in mass democracy. What did (or should) localists think...

Culture as the Discovery of Meaning

The resurgent debate between Christians that defend classical liberalism and those that critique liberalism tout court has been deeply instructive. This debate, however, threatens to...

Education and the Quest for Association

Plato remarked in the Republic that if one wanted to know the health of a city, we could simply look at the souls of...

Why Patrick Deneen Failed

It's already an amazon dot hell best-seller in political theory.

Equality and the Culture of Perpetual Offense

Hidden Springs Lane. Rod Dreher has recently been pointing out (for example here) the various ways that those who voice public opposition to certain...

Liberal Culture?

The word “culture” readily falls from our lips, but what appears on first glance to be a clear-cut notion becomes much more complex as...

Multiply Your Associations and be Free

My review of Robert Nisbet's classic The Quest for Community was just published at the On-Line Library of Law and Liberty, whose stated purpose...

Are You Free?

What would Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson say if they were transported to our day?

What is American?

While there is much work to be done and there are no guarantees of success, we don’t have to look far for the foundations upon which to build. They are all around us.

Austerity Measures Spark Riots in Europe

Shades of things to come?