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Group Decisionmaking and Individual Responsibility

Part of the pushback against the notion that groups can make decisions comes from the fear that we already use groups to absolve ourselves...

The Rhetoric of War Powers

I suppose we have the Constitution we deserve--but we could fight for the one we had.

What Women Voters Want

If this is feminism, then pass me the patriarchy, please.

Historian on the Debate

The blogosphere is filled with opinions on last night's debate between the president and the challenger. The chattering classes has gotten a whole lot...

What’s Wrong With Iowa? (A Transplanted Professor Knows)

If you think you may legitimately enjoy the physical benefits of a place while dwelling in the airy regions of judgment above it, you’d better think again.

Bradley Manning, and my Biggest Disappointment in Obama (Yet)

Wichita, KS Let me make two things clear: first, all things considered, I still think Barack Obama has been, and remains, a pretty decent president--certainly...

Of Dragons and Crescents

A revised foreign policy true to the principles of the Porch should turn the present one upside down.

Bottom of the Barrel

Here is your opportunity to name the worst-ever occupant of the White House.

Islam and America: The President’s Fictitious History

It is characteristic of the tyrant, however, that he thinks he can get away with lies in the sense that no one will contradict them even when his statements are transparently untrue.

Gutshot in the Gulf: The Information Age Springs a Definitive Leak

This leak at the bottom of the sea is a mirror held up to our uncomprehending selves.