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I Hear Kentucky Singing

Whatever our color or life or place of origin, we can all sing of our longing for home, our love of the natural world, our delight in children, and our loss.

The Food Broker

Big-city economic development from the pasture up.

Immigration, Loyalty, and Economy

Do we get an economy that serves the people? Or do we get the right people to serve the economy?

Just In Time For Halloween: Peep Show For Ghouls At...

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: To claim that modern America is descending into paganism is grossly unfair… to pagans.

The War On Raw Milk

Last Friday in Louisville, Kentucky, the city's Department of Health and Wellness issued a cease-and-desist order to the Whole Life Buying Club, and then...

Is Western Civilization Un-American?

Thoughts on the "Andrew Jackson versus Mr. Peanut" debate.

Wendell Berry Risks Arrest in Sit-In

A group of Kentuckians are protesting mountaintop removal.

Sunny Side Up

There are still some enterprising farm kids around, making a good business out of your need to eat.

Rootedness & Rand Paul

What does it mean to be a Kentuckian, or a Kentucky senator? Does place have any place in a national election?

Civilization & The Sacred

Civilization rests upon the sacred. Thus it is as grimly appropriate that the first atom bomb test was sacrilegiously codenamed “Trinity” – as in *the* Trinity – as it is that the Fat Man made an almost direct hit upon Urakami Cathedral, the most sacred spot in Nagasaki.