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Democracy as Spectacle: The Messianic Compulsions of our Republic

Americans do not need a Messiah because this nation is not Heaven on Earth.

Hot Tub Economics

The ideology of free trade and managed society continues to destroy the prospects of a prosperous American in the Twenty-First Century. Let us dig down and return to the one true economics: making and acquiring for the sake of sustaining the household and the country.

Wasting Time

A friend of mine with a penchant for self-effacement said “There’s just not enough time to get the work done and procrastinate.” It is not that he only works well under pressure, he only works under pressure. He reads voraciously in history and poetry when neglecting his dissertation, and (to be honest) drinks too many gins and tonic over good conversation. In our modern age his habits fall under the general category of wasting time, along with, well, just about everything not productive or immediately relating to a “useful” end.

The Economic Stork

The answers we get are dictated by the questions we ask, but there was one question which always grated on my wife's nerves, no...

Jacques Maritain on Art and Work

Devon, PA.  In the early pages of Jacques Maritain's Art and Scholasticism, he provides a philosophy of art that restores "art," in the sense...

A Lost Job and a New Life

Kearneysville, WV. At 10:00pm on New Year’s Eve 2008, just as his shift was ending, Patrick McCarron was asked to turn in his badge...

The Speech of Work and the Work of Speech

Devon, PA.  Outside of certain, very particular, Christian circles, one seldom hears much about man's fallen nature anymore; and yet, as G.K. Chesterton once...

Home-Making for Home-Coming

RINGOES, NJ. You’ve seen the commercials.A middle-aged couple drops their son off at college. As they drive away, nest now empty, they feign sorrow....