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The Problem of Place

Part I in an ongoing series, Localism and the Universal Church. Devon, PA.  Several times during the last couple years, the FPR comment boxes have received...

Newman, MacIntyre, Aristotle, and Tradition in ANAMNESIS

Those interested in J.H. Newman, Aristotle, and traditional theory will enjoy the new ANAMNESIS essay, "J.H. Newman and the Aristotelian Structure of Traditions." In this...

Catholic Universities, Protestant Ministries, and the Purpose of Education

Devon, PA.  Last week, Villanova University's Office of Mission and Ministry invited several faculty members to speak about the contributions of their religious faith...

What Is Wrong with Contemporary Intellectuals?

"Intellectual" and "Disinterested," as we use them, are new words. I "prefer" old words: Scholar, Monk, Contemplative, Lover of Wisdom.

Have We Forgotten the Women?

Tradition supposedly bears the thumbprints of Roman patricians with browbeaten wives or frustrated monks who shivered in mediæval abbeys.

Fired for the Natural Law, Part I: Against the Laws of...

The precincts of higher education have become so well known for their enormities and absurdities in the pursuit of political correctness that one may almost breeze past the latest episode at the University of Illinois—Champaign/Urbana. There, Kenneth Howell, an adjunct associate professor , has been fired for “hate speech.”

Contracepting Cultural Memory

R.J. Snell writes, "Contraception is already so normalized in our society that its use is presumed for both married and unmarried alike; in fact, so normalized is contraception that its use is thought not only responsible but even obligatory."

Aristotle and Aquinas, Bank Regulators

But if there is one thing that both Democrats and Republicans agreed about in the 90's, it was that these “monstrosities” didn't need to be regulated.

Hot Tub Economics

The ideology of free trade and managed society continues to destroy the prospects of a prosperous American in the Twenty-First Century. Let us dig down and return to the one true economics: making and acquiring for the sake of sustaining the household and the country.

Aristotle and the Cult of the Immediate

In the current economic and political crisis, Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics is not likely to be one of the first places that Americans go looking...