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Frat Boys and the Household

If you follow college "culture" at all, you'll find little new or surprising in the recent discussions of the abusive hazing rituals at Dartmouth,...

A Conversation with Wendell Berry

Purcellville, VA. Readers near Meadville, PA won’t want to miss Loving the Land through Working Forests, a conference hosted by the Foundation for Sustainable Forests (FFSF)....

Wes Jackson, Localism, and the Carbon-Based Community

A couple of days ago, I had the lucky opportunity to listen up close to Wes Jackson, founder of The Land Institute here in...

Wendell Berry to Deliver 2012 Jefferson Lecture

Purcellville, VA. Our readers will be delighted to know that Mr. Wendell Berry has been named the 41st Jefferson Lecturer in the Humanities. The 2012...

Agrarian Hypocrisy and the Evils of Distributism

One thing that has amused me in these first three years of FPR’s existence is the tendency of some readers to single out one...

Pride and Prejudice and Porn

If we are witnessing the passing of the gentlemen, there is much to lament. Perhaps it’s time for the gentleman to make a comeback.

Baseball: Official Sport of the Front Porch Republic?

“Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball” –Jacques Barzun Grove City, PA. Opening Day, 2011 Dutifully following the links...

Wendell Berry and the New Urbanism: Agrarian Remedies, Urban Prospects

The problem is a result of the underlying specialization—not of people but of places—for what could be more specialized than designing a town according to discrete zones designated by use?

Eating for Another Fifty (Centuries)

Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson would like you to think of the Farm Bill as an Eating Bill.

Wendell Berry Risks Arrest in Sit-In

A group of Kentuckians are protesting mountaintop removal.