Brian Kaller

Brian Kaller
Brian Kaller is a Missouri-born journalist who has lived in Ireland for many years, researching traditional ways of life. He has written for the American Conservative, First Things, Mother Earth News and Irish newspapers, as well as on his web site

Recent Essays

Silage and the Silence of the Corncrake

I’ve been talking to elderly friends here in the Irish countryside about what they used to do when the sun shone. The answer, of course, was that they made hay.

The End of Childhood Play

Too many children grow up learning no lessons, organising no peers, and exploring no territory, unless it be shifting electrons around a screen, and the screen becomes their world.

Growing Up Stoic

For our home-schooling lessons my daughter and I have been reading Greek and Roman philosophers, and she has taken a shine to the Stoics...

An Athenian Coup, or Slapstick Bedtime Story?

For tonight’s lesson, I said to my ten-year-old, tell me how the first democracy was created. “Sure,” she said, remembering our lessons past. “It was...

Comedians in Togas

The Greeks were funny. We don’t usually think of them that way; we think of them as marbled patriarchs in togas, Really Important Men...

Conversations with Bronze Age Warlords

Pop quiz: What ancient Greek legend begins with the kidnapping of Helen of Troy, and ends with Greeks sneaking into Troy inside a hollow...

The Real Social Network

The other night I saw the end of a life well-lived. I didn’t know him; I just saw his funeral. My bus rolled through the...

Horse Burgers and the Lives of Others

If you could boil our global problems down to seven words, they might be these: we don’t see where stuff comes from. Most of...

Classic Cinema and Our Future

I want to see films for all ages, devoid of hip countercultural irony. I want to see low-budget teleplays in which today’s equivalent of Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland put on a show to raise money to build allotments in the old park, a new series of Dead End Kids movies in which modern versions of Tommy and Milty cajole the neighbourhood association to allow pigs in the vacant lot.


County Kildare, Ireland. A couple I know – we’ll call them Bob and Nancy -- lived in a century-old house in the middle of...