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And Then Came the Chickens, Part Two: A Dispatch from...

“Bawk-bawk be-gehk!” she cries, and I know just where she’s coming from.

A New FPR Book by John Crowe Ransom

Ransom objected to a false dilemma.

Agrarian Fireworks

If you’re like me, holidays leave you feeling unusually contemplative, I suppose because the everyone-is-doing-it mentality awakens in us the long-slumbering cultural anthropologist. Holidays cause me to...

The Holy Earth and Liberty Hyde Bailey’s Front Porch Cred

He wrote sixty-five books and had a hand in another hundred and thirty-five.

Hanging Out with, and Learning from, Some Thoroughly Material Benedictines

A few weeks ago I was able to, once again, do something that I enjoy doing immensely--take a group of students out on a...

Something’s Fishy–But Not Very–At Dinnertime

Ingham County, MI As darkness falls upon what a friend of mine charitably calls “Jack-Ass Acres,” and as the promise of rain comes with the...

History as Parable

History is never merely history.

Abbeville Institute Summer School: “Understanding the South and the Southern Tradition.”

Many FPR readers may be interested in attending the Abbeville Institute's Eleventh Annual Summer School: "Understanding the South and the Southern Tradition." It will be...

On Being a Worthy Heir of the Agrarian Contrarians

But, as Shakespeare wrote, we sometimes “by indirections find directions out.”

Ciceronian Society Conference at UVA, March 29-31

FPR readers are invited to attend the coming Ciceronian Society Conference at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, March 29-31. All attendance to observe...