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C.S. Lewis on Mere Liberty and the Evils of Statism Pt....

This is Part II of a III Part series on C.S. Lewis and Statism. The series originally appeared at theIndependent Institute. See Part I here...

Mafia Among the Mountain Folk

What ironies of fate converged that morning, such that a mob was about to come out on a march against us?

Waking Up, Smelling the Constitutional Coffee

Wichita, KS Dahlia Lithwick and Ezra Klein are a couple of my favorite pundits in the whole blogosphere. Lithwick is snarky, and Klein is wonky,...

Attributes of the Gentleman or Mr. Darcy’s Rules of Engagement

Even in a democratic age, where social classes are fluid and poorly demarcated, the gentleman is characterized by these five attributes.

History’s Long Road to Tyranny: Tocqueville and the End of Equality

Devon, PA. I have just finished teaching Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America with my freshmen students.  In a way I have not witnessed...

Egypt, Tunisia, and the Failure of Neoclassical Economic Theory

The regime changes in Egypt and Tunisia have been hailed as victories for democracy, as proof of the liberalizing power of social networking media,...

انه الاقتصاد، غبي

Here are two scenarios: one leads through democratic enlightenment to peace and prosperity, and the other through intractable economic problems to war and disintegration.

Why I am a Member of the Permanent Opposition

Long live the King, somewhere damned else.

Waiting for Superman, and a Real Conversation

The film describes a good education as one which prepares students for the high-tech jobs available in 21st Century America. A few union supporters have objected that the purpose of education is much broader than vocational training: that it is fundamental to the growth of the child, not as an employee, but as a person.