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Spiritual Dangers in the Trump Era

One of the spiritual dangers of Trump is that he can come to be seen as the only danger. Such “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” logic then leads to the temptation to overlook the problems posed by the other side.

Pandemics, Power, and Holy Week

On Good Friday, Pilate and nearly everyone else thought that he was in control. He wasn’t. And on this Good Friday, Pilate’s heirs have much less power than they think they do.

The Road Back from Impeachment: Are We There Yet?

So why am I against all these impeachments, investigations and inquiries? It is because in every one of these instances, the ultimate goal, far outweighing any truly high-minded purpose, is a transparently ignoble and partisan one: it is to “get” someone from the “other” side.

Journeys in Trump Country

More interesting than the big-name hits and misses, though, are the everyday but often extraordinary people that she meets along the way. Some are firmly in the Trump camp; some are frustrated by their friends who are; and some are somewhere in the complicated middle.

The New Yorker’s Latest Contribution to Trumpian Populism

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. --George Orwell, Animal Farm This past Thursday, I opened my mailbox and saw...

The Practice of Attachment and A Comprehensive Social Order

Shortly after Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, Columbia University professor Mark Lilla took to the pages of the New York Times to offer...

Trump: America’s Father-in-Chief?

Donald Trump has been called many things in the press in the first six months of his presidency, yet the media have thus far...

“Conservatism” and the New EPA

Nature doesn’t give a damn what it sounds like.

From the Nut House (And Into the Nut House) the Bar...

They should be required to share a double bed and commit adultery with each other every night—twice if possible.

Trump: America’s First Black Friday President

Like many Americans I’ve struggled to put the election of 2016 in proper perspective the last few weeks, only to arrive at an unexpected...