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Vanishing Little Languages

Andrew Figueiredo describes his family connection to Minderico, a language belonging to the Portuguese town of Minde. Localists must join the fight to save endangered languages, if only because they present us with a way to practice stewardship, rebel against the abstractions of technique and global commerce, and save our world’s cultural heritage.

Brass Spittoon: Wall Street vs. Main Street, 2020

Chris Arnade, Jared Woodard, and Sarah Hamersma on Wall Street versus Main Street.

An Alternative to Cosmopolitanism

When people use the term today in casual conversation, “cosmopolitan” generally refers to a person whose disposition is one of urbane sophistication, not blinkered...

Globalize or Localize? Beyond the Post-American World

In the January 9, 2012 issue of Time magazine, Fareed Zakaria comments on what he calls “A Post-American World in Progress.”  Zakaria observes that...

A Connecticut Yankee in King Cotton’s Court

Ralph Nader recently spoke at a university in the Heart of Dixie. We tried to build some bridges.

The Book You Should Read This Year

Claremont, CA. They call it the “Superman Syndrome.” People who use methamphetamine often believe that they are capable of doing impossible things. Like flying....

A Global Mea Culpa

I screwed up but I don’t know how to apologize to the parties involved. In this age of global communication, highspeed networks, and...

At Least Small Communities Are Human

That's the point made darn well by Stefan McDaniel as part of his response to globalization defenders (the link will take you back to...

Crunchy Pope, Part 1: Body, Earth and Cosmos

Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. Pope Benedict has recently gained a bit of credit with world media for emphasizing the urgency of addressing the environmental...