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Pasolini’s Lutheran Letters and Our Times

Reading the Lutheran Letters today, I cannot help but think about woke capitalism. The fundamental economic and cultural and human issues are obscured by clashes regarding discourse and slight gestures.

Bringing Wendell Berry (and Business) to Sterling

A week ago I was able to organize a small group of friends to attend a fine, relatively intimate event at Sterling College, a...

Four Words to Change the World

Situate the preference where it is, not where it isn’t.

The Politics of the Clothesline

Yesterday I ambled towards my cottage, returning from putting the cattle out to pasture for the evening. The sun was sinking low in the...

Now Let Us Raze Famous Men

He was looking at me with what appeared to be some degree of disbelief.

The Food Broker

Big-city economic development from the pasture up.

A Requirement for Respect

Our region became, unwittingly, the domestic front of what is now surely a global energy war.

Eat like a human, feel like a human

Virginia schools are opting for local produce and ingredients over cellophane-packaged mystery meals. Are these elementary schools adopting a version of localism?

A Long, Long Row

“Hontar:  We must work in the world, your eminence. The world is thus. Altamirano: No, Señor Hontar. Thus have we made the world. Thus have...

“On the Grid”: When Electricity (and Other Things) Came to the...

“Come in and look,” Quintín urged me, as he disappeared with a shuffle through the low doorway in his adobe house.  I got up...