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Culture War No More

In recent decades we have heard much of the so-called “culture wars.” For many, the idiom of war has come to dominate their thinking...

Wisconsin Calling

Ron Paul should go to Wisconsin and make a splash.

Rob Koons: Attacking Iran Would Be Unjust

Since the first Gulf War, it has been popular among many Christian (especially but not exclusively Catholic) conservatives to justify American military interventions via...

Up Against the Wall

No one was barred from the conversation back when there was a conversation. No dispatch ever read, “Wingnut Henry David Thoreau today issued a manifesto from his compound near Walden Pond…”

Come Home, America: Prospects for a Coalition Against Empire

The recent anti-empire, anti-war conference in DC could be the start of a significant Left-and-Right movement to challenge the foundation of U.S. foreign policy. An across-the-spectrum coalition has great potential but problems are inherent. Political theory and political history can provide lessons.

Schizophrenic Conservatives

Kearneysville, WV. The health care bill has passed the Senate, but it is yet to be seen if the House and the Senate can...

Christmas Wish ’09: Repelling the Martian Invasion

Christmas celebrates the birth of the Prince of Peace. With all of the clerical cheering on behalf of recent wars, the intertwining of cross and flag, and the blessings bestowed on every Commander in Chief by the leading evangelists of the day, it can be difficult to discern the testimony for peace by theologically conservative Christianity. It can be found with a little searching.

Crass Christmas

The celebration of Jesus Christ's birth gives us an opportunity not only to act upon the principles of peace, sharing, and selflessness, but also to pass them onto our children in the form of Christmas presents.

Iron Mountain

Hillsdale, MI. Today the folks at NPR are having a grand old time remembering the Fall of the Wall.  German rockers, Hungarian revolutionaries,...

Food and Freedom

RINGOES, NJ. Isn’t it interesting how quickly speculation becomes conventional wisdom? Back in the fall, when we began to hear rumblings of economic catastrophe,...