Christian McNamara

Christian McNamara
Christian McNamara is a researcher and lecturer at the Yale School of Management and has also worked as an attorney, social sector consultant and executive director of a small youth development non-profit. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Harvard Law School. Christian lives with his wife and two children in Hamden, CT.

Recent Essays

The Hidden Life of Ignatius J. Reilly

John Kennedy Toole denies Ignatius such a happy ending, subverting the traditional redemption narrative. In so doing, he arguably gives us a better portrait of what life actually tends to be like.

The Missed Opportunity of “Rugged Individualism”

The tragedy of the hold Hoover’s rugged individualism continues to have on the American psyche in our increasingly atomized age is that his formulation risks presenting a false dichotomy between state control over an increasingly large swath of our lives on the one hand and society as comprised of individual and independent actors on the other.

Rock the Block

It is a cloudless July day in Connecticut—the kind of day that keeps people rooted in this place despite its long winters and high...